Mothman Prophecies - Marvel Cinematic Universe

By The Mothman

Hello Moth Maniacs! Its been awhile since I’ve written here at THE GEEK. Lord KC Darkhart has been continually doing a great job, but I can’t let him have all the fun, can I? So, since my prediction a couple years back about the X-Men franchise being bought by Disney panned out (and I love being right), I thought I’d make some more Marvel Cinematic Universe prophecies…

1. The title for Avengers 4 will be “Secret Invasion.”

2. The Skrulls (which will first appear in Captain Marvel) will play a primary part in Avengers 4.

3. The Fantastic Four will make their MCU debut in Avengers 4, and they will be re-cast and rebooted from previous films.

4. Spider-Woman will make her MCU debut in Captain Marvel (probably as an Agent of SHIELD) and will end up being a Skrull in Avengers 4.

5. Alpha Flight will be at the very least mentioned in Captain Marvel.

6. Ms. Marvel will be made into a TV series, probably on Hulu.

7. Blade will be made into a TV series, probably on Netflix.

8. The X-Men will not get the reboot treatment when they are brought into the MCU. Instead, the “X-Men: First Class” line of films (and cast) will be folded into the post-Infinity War MCU.

9. Deadpool will join the MCU as he currently stands. No tweaks. His pal Hydra Bob will show up by Deadpool 3.

10 Avengers 5 will be “Avengers vs. X-Men.”

11. There will not only be an MCU Fantastic Four film, but also a Silver Surfer film.

12. Nova will get a film.

13. Silver Surfer, Nova and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 will setup for a Marvel Cosmic event film called “Annihilation.”

These have been the Zack “The Mothman” Daggy Prophecies!

The Random Rumblins and Ruminatins of Lord KC Darkharte – November 2017

By Lord KC Darkharte

Greetings, loyal subjects! I am as ever your loving monarch, Lord KC Darkharte, and this is our last chance to rumble for 2017! Let’s get in to it, shall we?

First off, a moment to reflect on a full year without our Princess. We knew with the passing of Carrie Fisher that our world would never be the same, but it’s never stung as much as it does now with her last curtain, The Last Jedi now on movie screens worldwide. The finality is setting in on us all, and it hurts worse than being digested by Sarlaac over the course of a thousand years. The only good part is this: General Princess Leia is now more than ever entrenched in our collective psyche as the most beautiful badass to ever grace the silver screen. We miss you, Carrie, and we love you.

Somewhere Carrie just said, “I know.”

There is some more good news though! Since December of 2015 there have been THREE new Star Wars movies vs. only one win for the NFL’s Cleveland Browns. If they lose today (and they almost definitely will), then when Solo comes out in May it’ll be 4-1. So it’s far worse to be a Browns fan than a Star Wars geek. Of course, when you name your team after the color of poop, you’re kinda begging for…. shitty play!!!

I’m going to catch some serious crap for that one. #WorthIt

Friday the 13th: The Game has finally added offline bots, so now you can play without dealing with online dicks… I do find it weird that Jason doesn’t become progressively stronger in the order that the movies progressed, but that’s not for me to decide. I’ll just keep unlocking them as fast as I can. One request though. Gun Media, can we do something about the abundance of pocket knives and this silliness of Jason being stunned by fireworks? Seriously, last time I saw one person carrying as many pocket knives as the Crystal Lake counselors it was in a bar in Mississippi where I got a flat tire. Or was that Charlie Daniels?

It’s the midseason break of The Walking Dead, and predictably people are pissed off. So it’s just like every other midseason finale in the show’s history. This time though is one for the books, as people are petitioning to THE WHITE HOUSE to get showrunner Scott Gimple fired. Peeps, look, I know you’re upset. but President Trump has better things to do. It’ll be fine, just calm down. Though it would be fun watching the President get on TV and say, “Scott, you’re fired.” in true old school Apprentice style.

A word to Scott Gimple… Just find a way to weasel out of this one, buddy. The backlash is too great. I wanted to see the little shit die, too (you can read about it in my past articles) but the tide is running against us.

So, 2017 film of the year: Wonder Woman. The DCEU might finally start gaining some traction.

Surprise of the year: Disney buys Fox, making yet another Simpson’s joke turn into a real life prophecy. Beyond that, we can finally bring all of Marvel together! Oh, and I swear by my pretty floral bonnet that Malcolm Reynolds is now a Disney Princess! BTW, that was a far from subtle hint. Disney, WE WANT MORE FIREFLY!!!! Get on it, mouseketeers!

Surprising trend of the year: All the female stars suddenly sporting buzzcuts. I guess everybody wants to be a novice fire mage in SKYRIM: THE MOVIE!!! No, I’m not giving up on that. It literally begs for a movie. No, a series of movies, with Sean Bean… Nah, it’ll never work. Sean Bean could never survive a series of movies. TBH, I’m surprised Sean survives a trip to the movies….

Walking Dead fans, don’t get too attached to Negan. Jeffrey Dean Morgan is teasing DC’s Flashpoint way too much. It will be nice to see a live action version of Flashpoint though, especially if Lauren Cohen comes onboard as Martha Wayne/Joker… I guess we can only dream for now.

So, as we skid into the year 2018, I can only advise you to keep calm and geek on. Oh, and be nice to Sean Bean! And now a word from our sponsors, Betty White and Stan Lee, to Death: MISSED AGAIN, BITCH!!!

Live long and prosper! 


By Lord KC Darkharte

Greetings, loyal subjects! It’s that time of the month again!

So, let’s start with the news most of us won’t be able to believe. Once again, we’ve missed the end of the world. Yeah, it seems that Planet X was supposed to collide with Earth and kill us all or something. Is it just me or is the world ending a lot more frequently these days?

I bet Harvey Weinstein and Matt Lauer wish it had…

So,  Batman and Catwoman are now engaged. Many nerdy hearts shattered when she said yes. I had to have Mothman put on suicide watch.

From suicide watch to SUICIDE SQUAD! Come on people! Get with me on this, it’s time for Rocksteady (the Arkham people) to give us an Arkham style Suicide Squad game! There are too many great characters and too many potentially great stories for this game not to happen. Plus let’s be honest, I think deep down we all want to be Harley Quinn… and take many, many showers.

So, The Walking Dead finally decided it was ok to tell us what happened to Father Gabriel and Negan but not before they did the unthinkable and……


Killed Shiva!!! What the fuck, guys? Yes, I know, it happened in the comics, but you know what else happened in the comics? Carol committed suicide by walker after getting rejected by Lori! She’s still here! Rick had his right hand cut off in the comics, yet on the show, TWO HANDS!  Know what didn’t happen in the comics? DARYL MOTHERFUCKING DIXON! Like, at all. He’s not there. Yet, every Sunday, there he is. So, explain to me again why Shiva HAD TO DIE because it was in the comic?

Oh, and they brought Morales back for a grand total of like five minutes before Daryl ended him. After a nearly seven-year wait, five minutes and dead. This show is developing a very bad habit of cutting off its nose to spite it’s face.

They didn’t do themselves any favors on Fear the Walking Dead, either. I get it, there’s a big gap in Morgan’s story to explore in the prequel, but Walkies wanted Abraham back. We care about Morgan in the here and now. You know? THE PLACE WHERE WE DON’T HAVE ABRAHAM!!!!!!

Mother dick.

Okay, long dead rant over….

Except for one thing!  This quote from Negan, “I wear a leather jacket, I have Lucille, and my nutsack is made of steel!”  Best. Quote.  EVER!!!!

Justice League isn’t doing so hot. Not good. Though I am predominantly a Marvel guy, I hate to see DC doing poorly because that means we’re going to end up with movies cancelled that we’ve been waiting years to see.

I’ve heard if it gets much worse Batman might ask for a trade to Marvel. Hey, at least then we could get Stan Lee as Alfred!

Really hoping Kevin Spacey didn’t molest Baby Driver……

Well, now I’m on “E”, after another month down. Hopefully there will be many more to go with all of you glued to your screens reading my bullshit. I hope you all had a happy Thanksgiving and are ready for whatever winter holiday you celebrate. Just know I accept gifts for them all. Live long and prosper!


Random Rumblins and Ruminatins – October 2017

By Lord KC Darkharte

All right, all right, all right! It is that time again, and I am happy to see you again, loyal subjects! Let’s rumble!

The Halloween season is drawing to an end (for the normal at least). It’s always Halloween at Castle Darkharte, and we’ve all had the joy of being submerged in a sea of horror movies, games, comics, shows, and less scary Halloween classics. Is it really Halloween without the Great Pumpkin? Hell, no it ain’t!

Speaking of Halloween… Miramax self-appointed demi-god, ruiner of the Halloween series, and alleged (for the lawyers) serial sexual harasser, Harvey Weinstein has found himself in a whole crap ton of trouble. GOOD! Seriously, fuck you, Harvey. You’re a real asshole and now large, ugly men are hopefully going to expand your asshole for you.

Though I do find it funny that his first accuser, (and a favorite here) Rose McGowan, just weeks after putting the finger on Mr. Money Bags for rape, suddenly has a warrant out for her arrest on a drug charge from almost a year ago. Really, guys? Could you make it any more obvious that you’re trying to silence this woman? Find me any other incident anywhere in post-Nancy Reagan’s ‘Just Say No’ America where ANY law enforcement agency is going to wait damn near a year to charge ANYONE with a drug crime? I’ll wait…….

Nothing, huh? So, after further review the ruling on the field, BULLSHIT, stands. Hopefully enough publicity will be generated that others will see through this obvious bullshit and get this stupid charge dismissed. Gonna be pissed if Weinstein’s victim goes to jail and he doesn’t. Be the worst injustice since 1995 when OJ walked and Chris Reeve didn’t…

I miss Chris Reeve. #RIPSuperman

So, you love horror franchise games but aren’t satisfied with only having Jason to play with? Well, Dead by Daylight has great news for you! Not only have they already given us Michael Myers, but now they’ve added Freddy Krueger and Leatherface (the Gunner Hansen version)! What more can we ask for? Oh, yeah! Victor Crowley and Ghostface!

I’m hoping with the success of Friday the 13th: The Game we’re going to see new games for the other franchises, especially Halloween, which never had a post-Atari release. The chance to play as the Boogeyman or Dr. Loomis has me salivating. But it had better be Donald Pleasance’s Loomis. No offense to Malcolm McDowell, but there’s no topping the original.

I just had a ‘holy shit’ moment, loyal subjects! In Star Trek: Generations, Malcolm McDowell, who would later be Loomis 2 aka New-mis, as Dr. Tolian Soran kills William “The Mask” Shatner as Captain Kirk! Dr. Loomis DID finally manage to kill Michael Myers! But did they have to destroy Enterprise-D???? #WTF?

Speaking of WTF, WTF The Walking Dead? Yes, I’m thrilled with the return of Morales and the insane battle scenes of the second episode of season 8, but what I want to know, what we all want to know, is what happened to Father Gabriel in the trailer with Negan???? If they don’t let us know soon, the backlash is coming. Hope they got their shittin’ pants on….

Going back to Scream for a second; what is your favorite scary movie? And how recently have you watched it? Mine is Halloween, and I’m watching it tonight.

So, this one is going to be short because the lure of All Hallows Eve beckons me. My parting advice to you, my beloved subjects, is this: Keep Halloween in your heart all year round. Let your freak flags fly proudly. It’ll keep you from being boring, and that’s a fate worse than death! Live long and prosper!

31 Days of Halloween

By Zack “The Mothman” Daggy, John Wong Jr. & Lord KC Darkharte

Welcome boils and ghouls to another spooktacular month-long celebration dubbed #31DaysOfHalloween! If you’ve never met or spoke with me online, then perhaps introductions are in order. I am your maniacal master of ceremonies, Zack “The Mothman” Daggy. I’m a podcaster, writer, filmmaker and new media personality. I’ve been involved with the horror genre as a creator, a critic and most of all a fan. About eight years ago I started celebrating Halloween as a month-long horror film festival. This eventually turned into a competition among friends to see who could watch the most films. Then it spread online and took on a life of its own. Now it’s celebrated worldwide every year. To mark the rapid growth of #31DaysOfHalloween and make the event easier for newcomers, last year I released an official companion guide. It offered a list of recommended films, an alternative way to play, reviews and more. This year The Official #31DaysOfHalloween Companion Guide is back with bigger film lists, an expanded alternative way to play, and a few extra treats! These treats include a photo story by the girls of Scared To Deth, an interview with the creator of the super sexy Year of Fear calendars, and a link to watch the short film Dark Worlds: Slasher, written by yours truly. With this many tricks and treats, you’ll be more than ready to turn October into an entire month of Halloween! Cheers!

Download the #31DaysOfHalloween Companion Guide

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